Quantum Information in Spain (ICE)

Is a conference series that provides a gathering for discussion to researchers working in quantum information science and technologies in Spain, and is open to any researcher working in the field.
The conference will take place online from 10th to 14th of May 2021

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Workshop organized by the MICINN/AEI Spanish
Research Network RITCE RED2018-102707-E

ICE covers all aspects of the field

Quantum communication and cryptography, quantum computation and simulation, quantum metrology and sensing, quantum information theory, quantum thermodynamics, photonics, trapped ions, enabling technologies and fabrication.

Important deadlines

Submission of abstracts: open until 18th of April
Confirmation of selected contributions: 3st of May
Registration will be open to 3st of May

Previous editions

ICE-0 (Madrid 2012)

ICE-1 (Zaragoza 2014)

ICE-2 (Bilbao 2015)

ICE-3 (Palma de Mallorca 2016)

ICE-4 (Madrid 2017)

ICE-5 (Barcelona 2019)

project financed by:
Quantum Information Network in Spain 


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